See your entire financial picture in one place.


Score is your financial health at a glance. The overall rating is based on your performance in 4 key financial factors: Spend, Save, Debt, and Plan. These health factors allow you to quickly assess how you are doing in important personal finance areas.

What are the factors?

The score takes all of the complexities of personal finance and simplifies it into 4 simple elements: Spend, Save, Debt, Plan.  Each are weighted based on their impact to your overall financial wellness.


The Spend score represents how well you manage your budget and day-to-day expenses; things like housing, groceries, utilities, entertainment, and transportation.

What does it mean?

A high score means you are more financially stable than people at similar stages in their lives.  You are likely spending more responsibly, have an emergency fund to survive financial shocks, aren't overburdened with debt, and are making progress on long-term financial goals.  A lower score means you're earlier in your journey. Fear not - Medean is here to help you on your way. We all start at Spend but we grow financially with each small step in the journey.  Achievements will help you get there -- Score represents how you're doing.

What's your score?